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2021. Február 28. 19:51  -  David Rechnitzer
Tamas Szalai: We need to continue along this road

The two managers gave their reaction at the post-match press conference.

Tamas Szalai:

"I feel like we managed to dominate the whole match. Although we didn’t have too many chances in the first half, the reason was that the team didn’t play with the ball as much as I would have liked, and there were also few deep runs made. After the penalty, however, there was no question as to which team would win the match. We created a lot of situations and finally played as we had practised in the training sessions. I saw the same attitude and fighting spirit as I did against Ferencvaros. We have to follow down this road, we have to work even harder in training and then we can have no problems in the future.”

Gabor Boer:

„We were in a difficult situation at the beginning of the match, but this sudden combination due to the missing players also solved the defence well for sixty minutes. Vidi played in dominance, we consciously handed over the space to them, but the visitors did not have too many opportunities. However, we have made big mistakes many times during the season. There wasn't too many questions about the fate of the three points today. Vidi played as they had to, congratulations to them on the victory.”

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