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2021. Február 28. 19:32  -  David Rechnitzer
Loic Nego: It was a very difficult game but we deserved the win

Nego scored Vidi's second goal in the good 2-0 away win at ZTE on Sunday.

"Today was a very difficult match, as our opponent practically focused only on defending from the first minute, and we didn't really find the gap in an otherwise very organised home defence. Although we had a chance in the first half, when I could have scored, we still didn't manage to score against ZTE. We pushed even harder in the second half, I feel we deservedly won. I am glad that I managed to score and of course we are all very happy with Niko's 100th Vidi league goal. I think we were in a deep rut, but together, as a team, we have managed to climb out of it, but we don't have much time to celebrate, because we have another important match ahead of us on Wednesday. We want to win at home against Paks." - commented Loic Nego. 

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