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2021. Február 26. 11:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Imre Szabics is the new manager of Vidi from the 1st April

Roland Juhasz and Sandor Torghelle will also be joining the new coaching team

We are pleased to announce that Imre Szabics will be the new head coach of MOL Fehervar FC from the 1st April. He will be joined by two-time Vidi title winner Roland Juhasz and another former fans favourite, the 42-time capped international Sandor Torghelle. Imre Szabics currently is a coach of the Austrian national team, in accordance with the agreement with the Austrian federation, and will continue working for them until the end of March. His contract with our club will run until the 30th June 2024.

Imre Szabics was born on the 22nd March 1981 in Szeged, into a real sporting family, as his father and uncle represented their country in Judo. His aunt was a member of the 4th place Olympic basketball team. Vidi’s next head coach decided at a young age to concentrate on football.

He made his debut as a professional in the Ferencvaros team at the age of 17 and scored 12 goals in 24 NB I games in his first season. He was subsequently transferred to Sturm Graz, where he played in the Champions League and the UEFA Cup, and in April 2003 he also scored two goals for the Hungarian national team on his debut. It was in this year that he moved to VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga, where he spent two seasons. Those produced 22 goals from 72 matches. However, most will probably remember his goal against Manchester United. By 2010, he also played for Koln, Mainz and Augsburg, and then in the last four seasons of his career, he returned to Sturm Graz. In 2011 he was a member of the team that won the Austrian league title. In total he played 36 times for his country scoring 13 goals.

After he finished his playing career, he worked as a scout for Sturm until the end of 2017, during which time he also assisted both Pal Dardai and Bernd Storck for 11 matches between 2014 and October 2015, so he also played a big role in helping the national team to the 2016 European Championships. Later, he assisted his former teammate and coach Franco Foda as an assistant coach - first for a year and a half at Sturm Graz and then for the past two years for the Austrian national team.

Zoltan Kovacs: 
We have managed to import a high level of foreign knowledge in the person of Imre Szabics, who I think is one of the top 3 Hungarian coaches working abroad. It is a pride for the club that he has said yes to our invitation and decided to continue his coaching career at home. From the first phase of our inquiry, I felt that from the feedback I received from Imre that I can say with confidence that the team will be in good hands. We are aware that this is not a normal situation, as he will only be able to take proper charge of the team from the 1st April. We are still grateful to the Austrian federation for making the agreement possible. I am also really delighted that both Roland Juhasz and Sandor Torghelle will be linking up with Imre Szabics. They both achieved serious success with Vidi and the supporters in Szekesfehervar know them and really like them. Our goals are clear, this year's MOL Hungarian cup victory and second place in the championship, and in the coming years to build a team that will have a great chance to fight for the league title, the MOL Hungarian Cup and one of the European cup groups." - commented the clubs Director of Football. 

Imre Szabics:
“I would like to thank the management as they tried to move all the stones to allow the Austrian federation to release me and for me to be the next head coach of Vidi. I know this was not an easy task because they wanted me to stay, but in the end I think we managed to find a solution that could be optimal for all parties. Thank you very much for the support of my family, as it is not an easy task to leave four beautiful women, my wife and my little daughters in Graz, but my plan is to be the head coach of Fehervar in the very long run, even for the next ten years, and they will follow me, as I do not want to live so far away from them for long. During the negotiations, we had very fair discussions with the management of the club who were able to convince us that with Vidi we can fight together for serious targets in the future. Of course, I sought information from elsewhere and heard about the facilities and received incredibly good feedback from everywhere, this also confirmed that Vidi is a serious club. As a head coach, all my actions will serve the interests of the team! I have so much to thank professionally for being a member of the staff of Pal Dardai, Bernd Storck and Franco Foda, but I want to make Imre Szabics' ideas come true with his own team. It was not easy to give up a European Championship and a probable World Cup participation, but I have consciously built my career so far and I feel that now is the time to work as a head coach. As far as the staff is concerned, I would like Roland Juhasz and Sandor Torghelle to join me, because I have known them for a very long time. They are characters with whom I would sit on any bench in Europe with a calm heart because of both their human and professional qualities. I'm sure very soon we will bond after April 1st. In the meantime, to the best of my knowledge, I will serve the Austrian national team to successfully compete in the World Cup qualifiers ahead. - commented Vidi's new manager.

Roland Juhasz: 
“It is a great honour and challenge to join the staff of the first team. I look forward to re-entering the well-known dressing room. I have been in the Vidi family for eight years now, I can promise that as a coach I will help the club with the same determination and attitude as I did as a player. I am confident that we can achieve even greater success together on the bench than I have been able to experience in the past." - commented Roland Juhasz to our club website.

Sandor Torghelle:
“I can say that I am very lucky to have another opportunity in Fehervar. I had a successful period here in the past in a very united team. We want to achieve the same united team in the period ahead. My style as a coach has not changed and I will continue to represent what supporters saw from me on the pitch. I always try - even with a playing head - to think about how I could best help the team and the footballers individually. Of course, my attitude and habits did not change along the touchline either." - commented our new coach.

The new coaching team will be officially unveiled at a press conference to be held on the 2nd April.

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