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2021. Február 24. 20:39  -  David Rechnitzer
Tamas Szalai: We fought for each other and for Fehervar

Vidi's caretaker manager guided his side to a very important cup win over Ferencvaros.

Tamas Szalai:

"We started the match well, we also managed to score a goal. Then after a pass from the wing we conceded an unfortunate own goal. It didn’t break the team either, we were able to stay compact all the way. We played organised football, we closed down the wings, we closed the middle part of the pitch and Ferencvaros couldn't go through us. I take my hat off in front of the guys. I give them a very good ten out of ten for today's win! We battled on the pitch, no one gave up on a lost ball, so we deserved today’s victory. We’ve talked a lot with the players, both individually and at a team level in recent days, I hope with this success, the barrier has now been broken! In the end, everyone could see the celebration, the squad exploded almost like a bomb on the pitch! We fought for each other and for Fehervar and that led to success.”

Sergei Rebrov:

„We knew how important this match was, as we hadn’t been near the cup final for two years, but we couldn’t make it. If we don’t convert our situations, we can’t win. We had a lot of chances in the first half, but they didn’t go in, but the opponent scored twice. With the advantage, Vidi defended in a very compact way in the second half. We knew they were building on counter attacks and set-pieces so they didn’t surprise us, but maybe they wanted a victory more today. And we also know that they have very good players in their team, even though they are third only in the league. Today they wanted to win every duel, and that was a victory for them. Not even the league is over, from here we focus on winning.”

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