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2021. Február 23. 13:15  -  David Rechnitzer
Sergei Rebrov: We want to surpass the cup appearances of previous years

We get the thoughts of the opponents manager ahead of Wednesday's cup match.

"No two matches are the same, so I’m sure everything will be different on Wednesday than it was last time. This time we will meet in the MOL Hungarian Cup, where a single match will decide which team advances. The loser will say goodbye, in the spirit of which the players will also play. On the positive side, the draw is good for us and we will be home again. Of course, we also analysed the lessons of the last match against Fehervar and the opponent's game. We are prepared for Fehervar. In the previous two seasons we dropped out of the Hungarian Cup ahead of time, so we have something to improve on our previous performance. The players are also aware of the expectations, they understand exactly why the match against Fehervar is important for both the team and the club. We want to surpass the cup appearances of previous years, we will do everything on Wednesday to stay competitive" - commented Sergei Rebrov to

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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