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2021. Február 20. 20:45  -  David Rechnitzer
Tamas Szalai: We could have settled the game but DVTK turned things around instead

The two managers spoke at the post-match press conference.

Tamas Szalai:

"We started the match well, the goal came, and what we planned, we were able to achieve in the first half. When our opponent changed, we also reacted, I didn’t feel like it might be a problem after the break. In the 60th minute we conceded two goals very quickly, Diosgyor recovered completely, from there we had a hard time. We played with a lot of mistakes, we played the ball slowly, we just ran after the result. I would like to add that we missed a huge chunk before the equalizer from Diosgyor. If we would have gone 2-0 up, we would have closed the match. Instead, DVTK came from behind. Unfortunately we are in a period like this, the lads wanted it, but we didn’t take advantage of our chances. Unfortunately, we keep coming out of the key turning points of matches badly. We have to pull ourselves together, sooner or later we have to turn this series around from Wednesday's cup game at the home of FTC." 

Zoran Zekic:

"Thank you to my players for working as a real team today, which was the key to success. We also created a lot of situations in the first half, but we couldn’t convert them and we had to start the second half at a disadvantage. We made changes at half time and pushed Janos Hegedus further up, so we stabilised the midfield. We showed our character and we turned the game around. At half-time, I said it was our best match so far, we were fast, we played the ball well, and in the end it all led to a result in the second 45 minutes."

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