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2021. Február 19. 15:31  -  David Rechnitzer
Stopira: "It will be a difficult game against DVTK"

The defender spoke before Saturday's home league game against Diosgyor.

"As always a difficult match awaits us. Diosgyor are fighting to stay in the league and DVTK have good players and a good squad. We have also seen that if they have a good day, they can make things difficult for any team. They’ve also been the only team to win at the home of leaders FTC so far. I’m expecting an extremely difficult match. At the same time, it isn't only DVTK, but also us that are fighting for our lives and even our honour. There’s a really bad series behind us, but I’m hopeful we’ll finally be able to get back on the winning path again on Saturday night. Our goal is clearly to pick up three points, but for this, every Vidi player entering the pitch must provide 100% from the first minute to the last" - commented Stopira. 

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