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2021. Január 13. 19:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Training camp continues with a training session in Porec

The players continue to work hard in Croatia ahead of a busy spring season.

On Wednesday morning, for the third time during the training camp in Croatia, our team started the day with a PCR test, and as before, all players and staff members tested negative, meaning that all strict health rules are still being followed by the players and coaching staff, which has been defined by Vidi’s medical team and which are much stricter than the general health rules in force for everyone.

After breakfast, the players had some strengthening exercises in the hotel under the guidance of the fitness coaches, and then from 11 o'clock on the nearby training ground, manager Gabor Marton held training. The players who received a 60-minute match load on Tuesday took part in a lighter training session this time, with the main focus on regeneration.

At the end of training, there was a game of football, in addition to the kitmen, the members of the medical team and the coaching staff played a good match against each other.

After lunch there was a rest, and in the afternoon there were those who visited the masseurs, others used the services of the hotel’s spa. Tactical video session was included in the program before dinner, while players will certainly get to bed early after dinner.

Our friendly match starts at 13:00 pm on Thursday, with our opponent being Croatian league leaders Dinamo Zagreb.

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