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2021. Január 12. 17:21  -  David Rechnitzer
High scoring friendly win over HNK Orijent

There were eight goals scored in Tuesday's friendly game against the Croatian second division side.

Barátságos, 2020-2021, Téli felkészülési mérkőzések, Téli felkészülésMeccs center 
Zivzivadze 21, Géresi 34, Rus 41, Dárdai 64, Dárdai 70, Funsho 88
MOL Fehérvár FC:
Tordai -- Zeke (Hangya Szilveszter 63), Musliu (Stopira 63), Rus, Tamás Olivér (Fiola 63) -- Nyári Patrik (Kovács 80), Nikolov (Dárdai 63) -- Géresi (Funsho 63), Szabó Levente (Kovács 30), Halmai (Petrjak 63) -- Zivzivadze (Nikolics 63)
Fucak 36, Crnko 58
HNK Orijent:
Berkovic -- Smolcic, Tadejevic, Mulac, Vidas, Gazdze, Monjac, Crnko, Fucak, Gerc, Putnik
2021.01.12. FuntanaZelena Laguna Football Camp10 fok, napsütésJátékvezetők: Marin Vidulin

Our third friendly game after seven days of the training camp saw us play Croatian second division side HNK Orijent. Manager Gabor Marton chose the following side: Tordai - Tamas, Rus, Musliu, Zeke - Nyari, Nikolov - Halmai, Szabo, Geresi – Zivzivadze.

Keeper Arpad Tordai made his first appearance in the Vidi goal. He was called upon early on after 2 minutes when a long range powerful shot from Gazdze was saved. Four minutes later and Levente Szabo had a shot for Vidi from 18 meters, which went just wide of the goal. Another four minutes passed by and we were awarded a free kick. Nikolov curled the ball at goal, but the Croatian keeper was alert. The first goal arrived on 21 minutes when Mario Zeke went down the left wing. He sent a ball into the middle for Zivzivadze to flick it into the back of the net from close range (1-0). There was a change after 30 minutes when Szabo was replaced by Istvan Kovacs. 

Moments later and Geresi escaped down the left and played a clever ball into the middle from the goal line and it was Kovacs who pounced, but his left footed effort was cleared off the line by a defender. Geresi was fouled inside the box a couple of minutes later. He picked himself up to convert the penalty and make it 2-0. Orijent came back into the game a couple of minutes later when Fucak sent a shot past Tordai 2-1. Vidi took a 41st minute corner with Nyari sending the ball in front of the goal. Adrian Rus made no mistake as his header from 6 minutes nestled in the back of the net 3-1. Fucak was influential for the Croatians in the minutes that followed. He pulled away down the left and lifted the ball over the oncoming Tordai, but Oliver Tamas was on hand to clear it off the goal line.

The teams started the second half with the score 3-1 to Vidi. 

The first real chance of the second period came on 57 minutes when a free kick from 17 meters out by Gazdze produced a big save from Tordai. The rebound fell to Fucak, who from close range struck the post and the defence cleared the danger. The Croatians scored their second goal of the game after a corner was headed in by Crnko 3-2. Gabor Marton made several changes after 63 minutes with Tordai - Fiola, Rus, Stopira, Hangya - Nyari, Houri - Funsho, Dardai, Petryak – Nikolic continuing. Palko Dardai scored his first goal shortly after coming on for Vidi: Nikolic played in the midfielder with a fine ball and Dardai kept his composure to put the ball into the back of the net 4-2.

Palko Dardai continued where he left off and another pass from Nikolic on 70 minutes resulted in a volley from 17 meters flying into the back of the net 5-2. Patrik Nyari picked up an injury after 77 minutes and Kovacs came on for the second time for the final 15 minutes. Funsho scored the final goal of the game after 88 minutes. Having been found by Houri, he went on a run of around 40 meters and cut in from the left before blasting the ball into the net from 17 meters - 6-2.

Vidi are next in action on Thursday afternoon with a friendly game against Croatian champions Dinamo Zagreb.

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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