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2021. Január 12. 17:23  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: We scored nice goals but we were not stable until we made the many changes

The two managers shared their thoughts shortly after Tuesday's friendly game in Croatia.

Gabor Marton: "In today’s match, the players who played less last time were given the opposite load, they were given more time on the pitch today. We scored nice goals and created a lot of chances, but we also made plenty of mistakes. The team was not stable in the first 60 minutes, but obviously this is not necessarily to be expected with this line-up. After the changes, the match looked completely different, we became much more stable, the players made good solutions and we scored really nice goals. However, we still conceded two goals today, which overshadows the overall picture. We need to continue working to correct the mistakes." 

Damir Milinovic: "We knew we were on the pitch today against a team much stronger than us. What I saw from my players when it was 3-2 appealed to me. We competed with MOL Fehervar. However, after the change of line-up of our opponent, things were overturned, then Fehervar played football with a great advantage. We are a young team, I think it is important that my players compete with opponents of this ability, as there is a lot to learn from these games."

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