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2021. Január 10. 17:58  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: I did not like the way we played

The two managers spoke shortly after Sunday's pre-season friendly.

Gabor Marton: "The team moved around quite tired today, but I think that’s understandable. Nevertheless, we had opportunities and situations in both halves of the game, however, all but one of them were missed. Overall, I didn't like our game this time, especially with the way we defended. We gave the Austrians many opportunities to unfold. I trust that with freshness, everything will return to the old ways."

Christian Ilzer: "We played our second training match in two days, I am satisfied as we scored a total of six goals in these two matches and won both of them. I am glad that we were able to play a training match against a good team today, this game served our preparation very well. In the first half, the Vidi No. 96 player (Lyes Houri) caused us trouble several times, it wasn’t easy to handle him. In the second half, our young players also got a chance to prove what they can do, we had several footballers under the age of 20 on the pitch at that time who proved that they can be counted on. I repeat, I am very happy to have been able to play a friendly match against such a good team as Vidi, I wish them much success in the spring championship performance!"

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