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2021. Január 09. 20:00  -  David Rechnitzer
One training session as work continues in Croatia

Gabor Marton held an hour and a half training session in the morning with regeneration work in the afternoon. 

On Saturday morning our squad started the day with a PCR test at the hotel in Porec, by the afternoon the results had already arrived, fortunately this time none of our players and staff members tested positive..

After breakfast, the players did strengthening exercises at the hotel, then head coach Gabor Marton led a one-and-a-half-hour training session at the nearby training ground, as yesterday most of the squad received a 45-minute match load, and on Sunday at 15:00 pm we will play against Austrian side Sturm Graz. 

Lunch was followed by a quiet rest, with the start of the in-house FIFA tournament, which is held regularly during training camps.

Regeneration sessions were included in the program from 16:00 p.m. and after dinner, Funsho, who is celebrating his 22nd birthday today, was greeted by teammates. Our pacey forward scored the first goal of 2021, following our 1-0 win on Friday against HNK Rijeka.

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