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2020. December 02. 10:02  -  David Rechnitzer
Paks and Vidi meet for the 35th time in the NB I

The two sides will meet on Sunday in the OTP league.

Vidi and Paks have played 34 times in the highest division so far, with our superiority over Paks being really impressive. With 19 successes, 9 draws and 6 defeats over the years and 60 goals scored by Vidi and 25 conceded against Paks.


If we look at the matches that were played with Paks, the record is more balanced. The Tolna County team has hosted us 19 times so far, in addition to five domestic successes and six draws, Vidi have taken all three league points eight times. The goal ratio is 25-16 in our favour.

The story of the two teams began on August 27, 2006 at the home of the then absolute league newcomers Paks. Our team could not breakdown the home defence in the first half, but after the break we managed to win the game 2-0 with the goals coming from Csaba Csizmadia and Illés Sitku, this 4th round success was the first victory of our club in the 2006-2007 season. The first game in Fehérvár was also fought that season, the Paks taking the lead in the 11th minute with the goal from Tamás Kiss. Vidi replied through Attila Kuttor.

In the next season, Paks celebrated its first victory against us, although we still led with Éger's own goal in the 45th minute, but Buzás equalized in the 48th minute, while in previous years Attila Tököli, who scored so often, won with the 93rd minute goal.

On 22nd October 2016, we won 5-1 against Paks in Felcsút, and the most goals were scored in this six-goal match- in the 3rd minute, the guests took the lead.

7 goals: Nikolics Nemanja
3 goals: André Alves, Danko Lazovics, Marko Scsepovics, Nego Loic
2 goals: Sitku Illés, Nagy Dániel, Goran Vujovics, Szakály Dénes, Dusan Vasziljevics, Gyurcsó Ádám, Géresi Krisztián, Pátkai Máté, Armin Hodzic
1 goal: Csizmadia Csaba, Kuttor Attila, Dvéri Zsolt, Koller Ákos, Kulcsár Tamás, Sándor György, Gosztonyi András, Vinícius, Kovács István, Caneira, Juhász Roland, Haraszti Zsolt, Filipe Oliveira, Feczesin Róbert, Anel Hadzic, Suljic Asmir, Stopira, Futács Márkó, Ivan Petrjak

4 own goals

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