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2020. November 28. 06:49  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: I hope we will win the game

The Vidi manager shares his thoughts ahead of Saturday's game with ZTE FC.

In the 12th round of the OTP Bank League, we will host ZTE at the MOL Arena Sosto. In the first game of the 2020-2021 season, the teams played a 3-3 draw with each other. Interestingly, of the ten matches they have played so far, ZTE have only been able to win two away from home.

"If we look at the statistics, we can see that Zalaegerszeg has picked up 3 points only once in the last five matches, they have lost four times in addition to that one victory. In any case, their team is capable of more than this performance in the long run. In this same period we have two wins and two draws besides a single defeat. In our match last week, I was satisfied with the chances we created but not with the conversion, which leaves much to be desired. We played a 3-3 draw against ZTE last time, I would be happy with the number of goals scored in this case as well, but we are trying to reduce the number of goals conceded to zero in Saturday’s match. We know the way Zalaegerszeg play, I am confident that we will come out of the match successfully" -. said our head coach.


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