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2020. November 28. 20:27  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: I am pleased that we are playing with more confidence

The two managers spoke shortly after Saturday's game at the MOL Arena Sosto.

Gabor Marton:

"We started the match well, creating nice chances and quickly took the lead. After the second goal, there was no question for me that we would win the match. I have a little sense of something missing as it would have been nice to improve on our goal difference, but now we have to be content with “just” winning the match. We didn't give Zalaegerszeg many opportunities in the second half either, we tried to create situations, but we didn't manage to score more goals. We get to a lot of chances and looked to score, but we still have to polish a bit on our finishing. I’m glad the team is showing an increasingly confident game. ” 

 Gabor Boer:

"We had a lot of possession of the ball, which I’m glad about, but we made a mistake on the first goal, to put it in tennis: we made a non-forced error. We had some positions in the match, in possession of the ball maybe we could even grow above our opponent. Unfortunately, we lost the ball in our own half before the second goal. Praise goes to the home team, the chance before the second goal was played very nicely. The manager of Vidi has a team full of national team players, as well as experience." 

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