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2020. November 22. 20:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: We managed to create several chances

The two managers gave their reaction following Sunday's game.

Gabor Marton:

"We played a very good match with the team showing great football. Already in the first half I saw again from the players what we had discussed before the match. During the break, the boys had to be reassured a bit about the finishing. I asked them to calm down in front of goal and not rush the finishing. There were moments in the second half when our game was a bit hasty, but we managed to create a lot of situations and we were able to turn some of them into goals. We could have settled the match earlier and then we wouldn’t have had to get excited on the go. Congratulations to the guys for their performance today."

Tamas Feczko:

"In the first half, Vidi forced their will on us, we did not come out well and their first goal led from us giving the ball away, even before the first goal the opponent launched an attack and we could not react well. In the second half we kept the ball well in the middle and in the opponent's half of the pitch. We also had the opportunity to equalize, we wanted to get at least one point. At the end of the match we were very open, the home team was able to carry several counter-attacks, based on all this they deservedly won the match."

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