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2020. November 19. 08:02  -  David Rechnitzer
Attila Fiola: I take my hat off to the whole team

The defender was one of four Vidi players to play against Turkey in the 2-0 win.

"Before the match against Turkey, we knew that it was not only our fate that was in our hands, as we had to get more points than group leaders Russia who were playing in Serbia. We also trusted ourselves and trusted that the Serbs could beat the Russians at home. Fortunately, the best possible scenario has materialized for us. I take my hat off in front of the whole team, the match was not easy at all, as the Turks were also given the opportunity to fight for promotion. We have a wonderful week behind us. If someone said a year ago that we would get to the European Championships and be group leaders in the Nations League and get into the "A" League, to be among the best 16 teams in Europe, then I think everyone would have laughed.

Of course, I didn't think when the group was drawn with Serbia, Turkey, Russia and Hungary that we would be at the top of the group. And look at the miracle, now we’re talking about winning our group, with just 4 goals conceded from these teams in 6 matches. Plus, we got three of those four at home against Russia, meaning we went through our remaining five games with just one goal conceded. I’ll tell you honestly, I didn’t even think in 2016 that I would still have the opportunity to participate in the European Championships as a player. It’s hard to compare getting to the two European Championships because I played in all the matches during the 2016 qualifiers, while now I had to miss a lot of matches due to injury, but I’m glad I was able to add something to the team’s success in the last matches as well. In addition, in 2016, life took me away from playing in all matches at the European Championships, as my ankle was injured in the first match against the Austrians, so I practically ended the European Championship there at that time. My huge motivation is that my real chance is that I will be able to play at the European Championships again next year, but I am aware that I have to provide a very good, balanced performance for Vidi all the way through this. Personally, I'm looking forward to the draw for the World Cup qualifiers in December, and I'm looking forward to which teams we will have to fight for the World Cup. "- Commented Attila Fiola. 

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