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2020. Október 18. 20:20  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: We should have won the game

The two managers spoke shortly after the final whistle. 

Gabor Marton:

"I am in a difficult position following the game as I am still feeling the effects of the game. We played really well and created chances as our opponents struggled to come out of their own half. All I can say regarding the Honved equaliser is that sadly these things are part of football. If you make an error at the back and concede a goal, you do not have to the chance to correct things if you miss chances at the other end. I did not feel the result of today's game was fair. Honved did not have a chance of winning the game as we dominated. You cannot go through a game without making a mistake, but we should still have won despite this. We did not manage this today" - commented Gabor Marton.

Tamas Bodog:

"It was a good game. There were periods when we played well and also those when Fehervar were the better. It is true that they had more of the ball and created more chances, but football is like this. We could have even won the game had the shot from Ugrai gone in. The players did everything we asked of them on the pitch and things were hard. We did not manage to hold onto the ball and we try to play the ball towards the forwards so that we could close them down after. We did not completely manage to do this. I am happy with our attitude and determination and I think we can build on this. We are still far from the football I want us to play" - commented Tamas Bodog.

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