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2020. Október 01. 12:28  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: We will try to surprise Standard

The Vidi manager spoke ahead of Thursday's play off game in Belgium.

"Both teams have the same goal, they want to get over this last hurdle with success. Standard Liege are an excellent side and at the moment it seems they are stronger than we are. But as I said before, anything is possible in football, especially in a match. On paper, Reims were also a better team, yet we emerged victorious from the game. The mood is good, everyone is optimistic before the evening match. We want to take this opportunity to move on to the group stage. I feel we are also prepared for the strengths and weaknesses of Standard, we will try to play with as few mistakes as possible and try to surprise them. There has never been an example of two Hungarian teams being in the group stage of the cup in an international cup at the same time. FTC got into the Champions League group stage, we want the same in the Europa League" - commented Gabor Marton. 

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