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2020. Október 01. 23:39  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: There is a missing feeling inside me and we were not calm enough in the first half

The two managers spoke about the match shortly after the final whistle. 

Gabor Marton: 

First of all, congratulations to Standard Liege on going through. Overall, they deserved it, but I feel like we were equal partners until the first penalty. From the beginning, they had more of the ball, which we were prepared for, this superiority of possession of the ball in the first half did not present much danger. We had good counter attacking opportunities in this part of the game, but we could not convert them or we weren’t calm enough in the end so we couldn’t score another goal, which is why I have a sense of lacking. If it would have been said at the beginning of the whole series that we would get to the playoffs, we would certainly have been very happy, but now we can’t be satisfied because we wanted to get into the group stage.

Philippe Montanier:

Of course, I am satisfied with the result, the most important thing was to move on and we managed to achieve that. In the first 30 minutes, Fehérvár played well, they surprised us and they deservedly led at half time. Fortunately, the second half of the game turned out quite differently. During the break, they managed to change the team mentally and played after it according to what was said there. I am very happy to go through.

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