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2020. Szeptember 30. 22:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Press conference and training session on Wednesday

The team arrived in Liege at midday and trained at the stadium in the evening.

Our team arrived in Liège on Wednesday and trained at the stadium where Thursday night's game in the Europa League will take place. The afternoon was spent at the hotel before the players, boarded the bus and left for the Stade Maurice Dufrasne at 5.45 pm, where head coach Gábor Márton held a press conference for the Belgian and online Hungarian journalists from 6.30 pm.

"Both teams have the same goal, they want to get through this last hurdle with success. Standard Liege is an excellent team and at the moment they seem stronger than we are. But as I said before, anything is possible in football, especially in a match. We want to take this opportunity to move on to the group stage. We will try to play with as few mistakes as possible and we will try to surprise the home team" - said Gábor Márton.

Our head coach also spoke to the journalists about what extra motivation we will take on to the pitch on Thursday. "There has been no example of two Hungarian teams being in the group stage of an international cup series at the same time. FTC have qualified in the Champions League, we want to do the same in the Europa League" - he said.

From 19.00 the head coach went on to the pitch and took part in the last training session before the match. After the warm-up, our goalkeepers and the outfield players continued training separately, and then the program saw a game against each other.

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