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2020. Szeptember 24. 06:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: "We need to rise to the task"

The Vidi manager shared his thoughts ahead of Thursday's Q3 game against Reims.

On Thursday evening from 18.00, we will take on the French side Stade de Reims at the MOL Arena Sosto, in a match played behind closed doors. Before the game, Gabor Marton shared his expectations, but first he summarised the experiences of the first two qualifying rounds.

""Everyone has been expecting mandatory wins from us so far, rightly so, and the team has withstood the pressure, but I have to admit, we did enjoy some luck in those games. We could see up close that there are no easy matches on the international stage." - he began

Regarding the duel against Stade de Reims, he made the following comments:

"We are not the favourites against the French side, but we do have a chance. A lot can happen in football and we can see it happen every week, anything is possible in a match. We can play at home, which is good, but unfortunately without our fans, which is not - so they can't help us. I feel like we’re prepared for the opponents, I consider Reims a good team, but we’re trying to surprise them. We also have good players who will stand their ground internationally and are able to come up with a game that can mean advancing. We need to grow up to the task and seize our opportunities. I look forward to the match."

As for the lineup, our head coach has revealed that there will be changes compared to the team that started in Malta.

"Many times the saying is true, that you should not change a winning team, but now we can't keep up with that, because Alef is not ready and another change happened on Tuesday, with Mate Patkai leaving our club.  Although Mate did not start against Hibernians, he came on to replace Alef, so we need to change."

Gabor Marton said about the formation that the most important thing is to keep the balance.

I always stress that in every match there must be a proportion of attacking football and also defensive. A French first-division team must be attacked effectively, but while remaining stable at the back, it cannot go to the detriment of one another.. We need to score goals to go through" - mentioned Gabor Marton. 

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