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2020. Szeptember 23. 20:33  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: Training session and press conference

The Vidi manager spoke to the media ahead of Thursday's Q3 game.

On Wednesday afternoon, before Vidi's training, our head coach, Gabor Marton, held an online press conference before our EL match against Stade De Reims.

"Everyone has been expecting mandatory wins from us so far, rightly so, and the team has withstood the pressure, but I have to admit, we did enjoy some luck in those games. We could see up close that there are no easy matches on the international stage." - began Gabor Marton.

And in connection with Thursday's game, he emphasised that the matter has turned around, the French team is considered the favourite, but we also have a chance. "We need to grow up to the task, seize our opportunities, and surprise them. We need to attack effectively while staying stable at the back, scoring a goals to go through." - commented Gabor Marton.

From 15.30 our head coach held a session on the pitch, as usual the first 15 minutes of the training were open to the press.

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