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2020. Szeptember 16. 14:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Team arrives safely in Malta

The 130 minute flight saw the plane land in Malta just after midday.

Our team left Liszt Ferenc Airport for Malta on Wednesday, where they will play a Europa League match against Hibernians FC on Thursday night.

Vidi arrived in Valletta at 12.10, but there was an unexpected disruption at the airport. All members of the delegation were tested for coronavirus in a separate room, it was only after sampling that our team was able to continue their journey to the hotel - all resulting in a nearly two-hour delay in the strictly scheduled program.

Our club did not receive any information about the airport testing before, and the procedure is incomprehensible because all members of Vidi travelling to Malta have a valid, negative certificate approved by UEFA. Our club, of course, contacted UEFA immediately to investigate the matter.

Finally, the team was able to go to the hotel at 14.00, after lunch and rest at 18.45 there will be a press conference, from 19.00 there will be a training session at the match venue.

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