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2020. Szeptember 14. 14:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Roland Juhasz and Szabolcs Huszti to work as football consultants at Vidi

The experienced duo retired from their playing career last season but will continue at the club in their new roles. 

Roland Juhasz and Szabolcs Huszti ended their professional football careers at the end of the previous season. Even back then they made it clear that they would be please to serve the club in a different capacity. In recent weeks, they have attended training sessions and matches of the NB III team and our youth teams on a daily basis, and today it has been officially decided that they will work as sports consultants at MOL Fehervar FC. 

Their advice will primarily help the work of the sports director to make the NB III team and the youth division more efficient and effective. Their main tasks includes watching MOL Fehervar FC II league matches and preparing written reports, but they will also participate in the training sessions of the NB III and youth teams. They are also responsible for monitoring Vidi loan players and young Vidi players in NB II with a cooperation agreement. Of course, the training and matches of the NB I team will also be regularly attended by them.

"Together with Szabi Huszti, we would like to thank the owner of the club and the management of the club for giving us the opportunity to work for the success of Vidi in the future. Our responsibilities are quite complex, thanks to which we can gain an insight into the club as a whole, from recruitment to the first team. It would be great if more and more of our own young players make it to the NB I team in the future. What we have experienced here so far in the supply chain is a cause for optimism. So far, as a player, but from now on, as a sports consultant, we will try to do as much as possible for the success of the club" - Roland Juhasz told our website.

"I consider it a good and important thing that Roli and Szabi are staying at our club. They are two very serious former footballers who I can see from the beginning that they want to keep learning. For them, a new life begins now, even if they will continue to work in football. Hungarian football needs the knowledge of such people, as well as the experience they have gained during their careers abroad. They have a lot to learn in the next period, but like I said, they’re both open to that. They are involved in a number of areas in the various workflows here within the club, be it player monitoring or video analysis. In addition, training will be held for different ages in the youth by them. We will give them all the help they need to successfully prepare for their new life" - commented Zoltán Kovacs, sports director.

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