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2020. Szeptember 12. 22:57  -  David Rechnitzer
Gabor Marton: I am very pleased to have picked up 3 points at home

The two managers shared their thoughts following Vidi's 3-1 home win over the Puskas Academy.

Gabor Marton:

"It is gratifying that we collected three points on our home pitch, but for me, the performance was also important. Maybe today we played the weakest so far this season. I can highlight two positives: one is that we won the match, the other is that the substitutes got into the match well. It’s always hard to make changes well in a match, it worked now, but we’ve already seen a counter-example. I trust we will play better and better because what we showed today was not very good. "

Zsolt Hornyak:

"Congratulations to the home team for the result. I feel like until the 80th minute we dominated the match, we were faster, we were better in attack, this is the aggressive game I want to see from the youngsters. I’m sorry we couldn’t take advantage of our chances in the second half. I am grateful to the team for the performance I saw from them in today’s match. Unfortunately, a match doesn’t last for eighty minutes, but for ninety, Vidi took advantage of our mistakes with their experience and routine."


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