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2020. Szeptember 12. 23:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Boban Nikolov: We didn’t play well, but the team passed the exams in a fighting spirit

The midfielder spoke shortly after the 3-1 home win over Puskas Academy.

"It was a difficult game against Puskas Academy. We also need to say that we did not play well today. We could not enforce our own game on our opponents. At the same time we passed the exam in terms of battling. Football is like this as we played really well against Paks, but did not manage to win. If someone was to only look at the result after today's game, they would think that it was an easy win. However, those that watched the game will know exactly that we put a lot of work into this win. It is important that everyone relaxes on Sunday and is able to regenerate. We have an important away game in the Europa League coming up in the week and a long journey. This win will give us strength and confidence in the games to come. We really want to win the league this season" - commented Boban Nikolov following the final whistle.

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