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2020. Augusztus 31. 18:46  -  David Rechnitzer
Europa League Q2 draw reaction

Vidi were paired with Hibernians FC of Malta when the draw was made today in Nyon.

As previously reported, in the second qualifying round of the Europe League 2020-2021, we will meet the Maltese team Hibernians FC away. The match will be held behind closed doors on September 17, with the tie decided over one match.

Zoltan Kovacs:

"We are going to play against a serious team, so we need to be as well prepared as possible against them. After narrowing down our list of potential opponents to three, we immediately began gaining information about the teams. In my opinion, we could have gotten a tougher opponent as well. It’s true that it would have been better if we played at home, but since we’re a seeded team, the odds are in our favour. Progress will be decided again in one match, so we have to take the clash very seriously, we want to be there in the third round as well. The team is getting better and better, we are moving forward on the path we have started, currently Hibernians are the next hurdle we need to tackle successfully to achieve our goals."

Gabor Marton:

"We have the same goal as in the first round, we want to celebrate progress again after the match. We will analyse our opponent’s game as thoroughly as possible, assessing their strengths and weaknesses. If we prepare to the maximum against them, I am sure we will leave the pitch victorious. In today’s world, it can be very deceptive which team is stronger on paper, you have to see that there may be surprises in the European cups. We will go into the match as favourites, but we have to prove it on the pitch as well."

Nemanja Nikolics : 

"We have to prepare for this match with the same mentality as any other game, for us only victory is acceptable. We should not expect an easy match, as we saw in the previous round that there are strong opponents on the international stage. To make things easier, we will need to dominate the game. It is not possible to get high scoring wins every time, but obviously we will strive for that. What is very important to me is that we enter the pitch with confidence and put in a stable performance. We are the favourites in the match, so our goal can only be to advance."



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