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2020. Augusztus 04. 20:37  -  David Rechnitzer
Patrik Nyari: We need to show more concentration in front of goal

The midfielder played in Tuesday's 2-2 friendly draw against Lendava.

"We had a hard time getting into the match against Lendava, although at the end of a ten-day training camp it’s not so surprising to be tired. Regardless of this, we wanted to win. I think we had the chances, but we need to concentrate better in front of goal. I was able to take several free kicks in the match, I also had a more dangerous free kick just before the end of the first half, unfortunately it did not hit the back of the net. During the half time break, the manager drew our attention to the fact that if we see an empty area, we should bravely use a crossball. I’m glad I managed to put Nego into position, although we ended up equalizing through an own goal, but I would give Nego the goal and then I will have an assist (laughter). By the way, the weather had left its mark on the second half, it made it hard for both teams and it felt like a flood. Overall, I feel like we worked well in the training camp, I got tired enough, but the work continues at home, as the season starts next weekend." - commented Patrik Nyári. 

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