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2020. Augusztus 02. 14:40  -  David Rechnitzer
Roland Juhasz, Loic Nego and Bendeguz Bolla make it into 2019/2020 dream team

Gabor Marton was voted third best manager by the HLSZ vote.

The Organization of Professional Footballers (HLSZ) has asked players for the 30th time this year to choose the best from the league for the season just finished.

Hundreds of footballers have voted in recent weeks. It is important to mention that due to the pandemic, voting was done electronically- with the assistance of the team captains - the list of candidates compiled with the help of a panel of well-known experts requested by the HLSZ was put together, who could vote in six categories for men and two for women, they could also put together their own "Team of the Year" in a 1-4-3-3 formation - according to

Bolla Bendegúz (50%), collected every second vote, and was among the best footballers under the age of 21, ahead of Tamás Kiss (PAFC / DVTK, 22%) and Norbert Szenderi (Honvéd, 20%). Bolla Bendeguz played for ZTE last season as a loan player from Vidi, however, he has already started the summer pre-season with our team. 

The candidates for the best coach category finished with the closest result. The winner was Attila Kuttor (Mezőkövesd, 35%) who won with just over a third of the votes, only a few percent ahead of Serhij Rebrov (Ferencváros, 26%) and Gábor Márton (ZTE, 25%), who has since taken over as head coach of Vidi. 

The best eleven of the 2019/2020 league year:

Keeper: Dibusz Dénes (Ferencváros)
Defenders: Miha Blazic (Ferencváros), Juhász Roland (MOL Fehérvár FC)Nego Loic (MOL Fehérvár FC)Bolla Bendegúz (MOL Fehérvár FC / ZTE)
Midfielders: Cseri Tamás (Mezőkövesd), Sigér Dávid (Ferencváros), Gazdag Dániel (Honvéd)
Forwards: Radó András (ZTE), Oleksandr Zubkov (Ferencváros), Isael da Silva (Ferencváros)


MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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