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2020. Július 30. 19:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Pre-season continues with a training session on Thursday

The players continue to work hard at the training camp in Bukfurdo.

Following the friendly match against Slovan on Tuesday evening, the team trained on Wednesday morning, while on Thursday afternoon head coach Gabor Marton led an extensive one and a half hour session. However, this does not mean that it would have been without football on Thursday morning in Bukfurdo, as Vidi's coaching staff played a two x 25-minute match against a mixed team of medical staff and kitmen.

After lunch, there was a quiet rest period, and from 16:15 pm, the players prepared for the afternoon training session in one of the hotel's special rooms, which started at 17:00 pm on the well-prepared football pitch nearby.

The beginning of training was watched by a handful of enthusiastic young children from the stand next to the track, and after half an hour they marched to the adjacent pitch where their training started as well. 

After the warm-up, our players performed various technical tasks, and then Gabor Marton divided the squad into two parts and a game against each other followed with many nice solutions and ever nicer goals, which were sometimes rewarded with loud applause by the kids who were being coached on the neighbouring pitch when they had a drinking break.

At the end of training, the team returned to their accommodation, after dinner the players went to rest, as there will be two more training sessions waiting for them on Friday.

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