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2020. Július 24. 18:37  -  David Rechnitzer
Nemanja Nikolic chosen as team captain

He will be assisted by Stopira and Adam Kovacsik.

The Vidi players chose their new team captain before Thursday's training session. Former captain Roland Juhasz retired at the end of last season, so the position of team captain became vacant. The new team captain for the 2020/2021 season will be Nemanja Nikolic with his two assistants being Stopira and Adam Kovacsik.

"It's a massive honour for me to take over the captain's armband from Roland Juhasz for next season. I am pleased that my team mates saw it fit to give it to me based on my experience and attitude and the way I represent the club both on and off the pitch. We will be fighting for a common goal, and it is essential that we do all this as a real team. The first very important task will be to create a great dressing room atmosphere with the new players, as this is one of the basic conditions for success. If everything is fine in the dressing room and everyone is heading in the same direction, we will be able to produce very nice things on the pitch." - said the new Vidi team captain. 

"I'm proud to have played more than 250 matches in the colours of Vidi. I've worn the captain's armband in matches before, but the fact that my teammates have now chosen me as a deputy to Niko means that the dressing room trusts me, and that's very good. Just like before, I will do my best on and off the pitch to represent Vidi and Szekesfehervar with dignity." - explained a proud Stopira. 

"It feels really good that my teammates have chosen me as one of Niko’s deputies. This is a high degree of trust on the part of the dressing room. I’ve been a Vidi player for five years, so to speak, I’m a veteran. It is important that we return to the path that has characterised Vidi in the past, and that has allowed us to achieve great success both domestically and internationally." - commented Adam Kovacsik.

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