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2020. Július 11. 11:45  -  David Rechnitzer
Budu Zivzivadze: "The teams success is first for me"

Our new signing gave a lengthy interview to our website.

"Have you been consciously preparing to become a professional footballer since you were a child?"

Yes, we can say that from a very young age my dream has been to be a football player. Nobody played sport in my family so I did not really have someone to follow, but as a kid I played football outside with the other boys every day and one of our neighbours saw me and it was his suggestion that I start to take up this sport even more seriously.

- People here in Hungary know relatively little about Georgia, how would you describe your country in a few sentences?

Georgia is a beautiful country and I say this now without any bias. I encourage everyone, if they have the opportunity, to visit Georgia once and for all. Unfortunately, the fighting of 12 years ago obviously did no good to the country’s “image,” but at the same time we need to know that the Georgian people are extremely friendly and hospitable. Our food is varied and delicious, and our main attraction is Georgian wines. I have been living in Hungary for a year and the two countries are similar in many ways, as Hungary is also extremely beautiful, and I know that the wines are very famous here and the people are friendly, so the integration did not cause me any particular problems.

- Hungary is not your first foreign stop, as you have played in Denmark before.

Yes, at the age of 23, I had the opportunity to move to Denmark. At that time, I had been a professional footballer for 5 years, as I was able to sign my first contract in Georgia when I was 18 years old. In the first period I was in the second team of Dinamo Tbilisi and later I also played in Torpedo Kutaisi, but the real breakthrough came in the 2015/2016 season, when I won the league title with Samtredia and also won the title of top goalscorer. Then came the Danish opportunity, but unfortunately that period was not very successful in my career, so I returned to Georgia, where I became top goalscorer again in 2018.

- In the 2019/2020 season, you already scored goals here in Hungary.

Yes, the fact that I moved to play in the NB I definitely feels like a step forward in my career. Fortunately, I managed to integrate much better here than before in Denmark, the goals came, but I still have a little sense of that something missing. It would have been good to win the Hungarian Cup and finish in the top three in the league last season.

What plans have you got following signing for Vidi?

I am very happy to be able to continue my career at a club with such a long history as Vidi. As I said before, I was able to celebrate a league title win in Georgia before and I also became top goalscorer twice there. I will not deny that I came to Vidi with similar targets. I love scoring, but for me, team success comes first. I am confident that I can contribute to the most successful performance of Vidi with good games, goals and assists, I really want to celebrate the Hungarian title and cup victory next season, but I also hope that we will get as far as possible in the Europa League.

“It wasn’t just the change of club that made a big difference in your life this summer, since you became a father a month ago.

That's right, my little daughter, Shai, was born in early June. The strange situation arose that I had not been able to see her yet, since she was born back at home in Georgia. However, my wife and daughter will be coming to Hungary soon, by then I would like to find a house here in Szekesfehervar where we will live in the next period.

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