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2020. Július 09. 12:58  -  David Rechnitzer
Vidi introduce new manager Gabor Marton at Thursday's press conference

Vidi's new manager met the media at the MOL Arena Sosto on Thursday morning.

On Thursday morning, our club held a press conference at the MOL Arena Sosto, where Zoltan Kovacs, Director of Football, and Gabor Marton, head coach, were ready to answer questions from a large number of journalists.

Our Director of Football said at the end of the season, we had to decide quickly whether to start preparing for the new season with or without Joan Carrillo. In the end, we decided on changing coaches, and then the club management choose from two candidates: in addition to Gabor Marton, a foreign coach was also included, and finally the Hungarian coach was appointed to lead the team. "After a long time, we can finally put control in the hands of a Hungarian professional coach again. I am sure that Gabor Marton will successfully tackle the obstacles."

Head coach Gabor Marton began by saying that he was very surprised when Vidi came looking for him, as in recent years it has not been typical for a Hungarian coach to lead the team in Fehervar. "I have a big task ahead of me, I am aware of the expectations. Everyone knows what targets Vidi will be fighting for, I think I can grow in to the task."

The new head coach of our team has revealed that he wants to bring two assistants with him to be part of the coaching team. Their contracts are in progress. In addition to them, he also expects to work with Tamas Szalai and Istvan Brockhauser in the future. Plans include a training camp abroad, but due to the coronavirus situation, this is still questionable. Gabor Marton would like to play five or six friendly matches before the new season start in mid-August. 

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