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2020. Július 06. 12:23  -  David Rechnitzer
Mate Patkai: "Our final league game perfectly reflected the whole season"

The midfielder looks back on the season that has just finished.

"Our final league game against ZTE perfectly reflected the team over the 2019/2020 season. We had a lot of matches where we played well, played with superiority, took the lead, and then in the end we came off the tracks. All in all, we’re over an unsuccessful season, and unfortunately we haven’t managed to finish in first place in either the cup or the league. Next season we definitely need to move forward with the matches we play in superiority - certainly there will be a lot of them - we have to settle those as soon as possible. I think the 12-team league is good anyway as we could see this year that there was practically a huge battle for the top three and also in avoiding relegation until the last minute" - commented Mate Patkai.

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