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2020. Május 23. 07:05  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: There is no need to detail the importance of the game

The Vidi manager spoke ahead of his sides semi-final, first leg game against Mezőkövesd.

“The team continued to prepare with a good attitude after our two friendly matches last week. There was no need to detail the importance of the game for anyone in the dressing room, as we are talking about a cup semi-final. It is completely different to play in such a two-legged tie than in a league match. Mezőkövesd is a good team with quality and strong players in their squad. We have to fight, we have to show what kind of character a team we are and it could easily be that we will have to suffer to advance, but it is not a question that our target is to be there in the final. I am glad that the football season is officially relaunching, I think it is a symbol that society is well on its way to overcoming the epidemic. Of course, primarily because of the Vidi fans and ourselves, we want to provide a good performance.”

We also asked our head coach what he thought of the temporary rule changes (nine substitutions can be made for the rest of the season, and managers can stop the game three times to make a total of five changes).

“I think introducing the changes are a positive and good decision. The risk of injury increased in last week’s round of the Bundesliga, as far as I know, eight players were injured, so I definitely welcome the extra change opportunities. Anyway, I think the vast majority of substitutions in these first matches will not be a tactical change, but simply an upgrade. However, I am happy with the extra opportunities, I think it will be good for the quality in this situation.” - commented Joan Carrillo ahead of the important cup match.

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