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2020. Május 23. 19:59  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: Our target has not changed

The MOL Fehervar manager gave his reaction shortly after the final whistle. 

Joan Carrillo:

„We played pretty much the match we had expected to play. The teams played in a real battling match, but this was completely understandable. Both teams entered the pitch with the motivation to be there in the final of the Hungarian Cup. I think we managed to keep the match under control, but despite our chances, we couldn't score the second goal and the game remained open. Following a set piece from the home team, they equalized. You cannot allow a single corner to come into our box so easily. We won’t have an easy time in the second leg, but our aim hasn’t changed: we want to be there in the final because of the fans, the club and the family of players as well. It wasn’t easy to get on track after such a short preparation and without supporters, but I’m glad we were able to continue the season, that could be a good message for everyone in the fight against the epidemic. ”

Our head coach was also asked about his yellow card at a press conference using the Zoom app​​​​​​​.

"I think we should have been given a penalty when Houri fell to the ground in the second half. All I shouted was “penalty,” I got a yellow, it can happen. I watched the replay after the final whistle, and I still say it was a penalty. But I’m not saying this as an excuse, it wasn’t because of the two teams playing a draw, but because of what happened on the pitch in the 95 minutes. I made mistakes myself and the players too, it is part of football that the referees can also make mistakes​​​​​​​.”

Kuttor Attila:

“We showed good football and we had a lot of opportunities as well as the chance to win the match, but unfortunately we ended up with a draw. I had no problems with the performance and our mentality. I'm sorry we didn't manage to win. Both teams have a 50-50 percent chance of advancing, and it will be decided next week!"

MOL Fehérvár FC - Minden jog fenntartva
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