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2020. Május 22. 09:24  -  David Rechnitzer
Adam Kovacsik: It is important to take a lead into the second leg

The Vidi keeper spoke ahead of Saturday's first leg semi-final match.

"It is for sure that Saturday evening's cup match will be weird in many ways, as no team has been in a situation like this before, having to stop playing football for two months in the middle of the season. Obviously, our target can only be to gain an advantage in Mezőkövesd, in the first leg of the duel. I think there is only a relatively small chance of us deciding the issue of progress following the first leg, as our opponent is a very good team. Getting a victory, on the other hand, would definitely be important, but for that we will need to be at the best of our ability on Saturday night. After a long period and with little preparation behind us, playing a match without supporters is not the most ideal, but now we have to adapt to this situation and, if possible, exclude all external circumstances." - Ádám Kovácsik told our website.

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