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2020. Május 21. 11:42  -  David Rechnitzer
Roland Juhasz: We are all ready and hungry to play football

We spoke to the Vidi captain ahead of the important weekend cup match.

- On Saturday evening we will restart the football season again at the home of Mezőkövesd. It will be an important cup match for our team, and the last stage of your professional career will begin for you. What do you expect from this match?

I am very happy to have a chance to finish my career on the football pitch. I didn't see much chance of that a couple of weeks ago, but luckily now we seem to be able to continue the season. On Saturday evening, we will play at the home of a very good team in the first leg of the cup semi-final. I think we’ll face the toughest opponent out of the three possible teams to make it through to the cup final. We will do our best to win the Hungarian Cup to bring the trophy back home to Székesfehérvár again! For me, this would also be especially important because I would be happy to retire from professional football at the end of the season, winning a trophy.

- But we can still think about doing the double...

Yes, this is exactly how I wanted to continue my thoughts that according to the current position, we even have a chance to win the championship title alongside the Hungarian Cup. In the first game, however, we will now only focus on the cup, as our first task in the coming days will be to battle our way into the final. Until then, Ferencváros will play their games in hand following their missed league matches, so when we start playing again in the championship, we will see exactly how much of a disadvantage we will have to make up on. I trust the team and everyone is ready and hungry for football.

- And you?

Of course! When I decided to finish my playing football earlier, that’s exactly how I envisioned it, as far as my motivation is concerned. I’m still as enthusiastic about training as I used to be and just as excited to be looking forward to the key matches. Luckily, there is no injury to make my job harder, so I’m sure I can make the most of myself in the final month. I can realistically see my situation, this period no longer has to be about me playing 90 minutes in all of the matches. Regardless, I trust that I can still help the team and that we can have successful weeks ahead of us.​​​​​​​

- However, in addition to the opponents, you will also have to deal with the atmosphere of an empty stadium.​​​​​​​

Unfortunately, this is indeed the case. Friendly matches have already confirmed what everyone knew anyway, without fans, football is completely different. Incidentally, this was also felt when the Bundesliga was restarted last week, with almost all players pointing out that playing in an empty stadium does not feel at all the same as playing in front of stands filled with supporters. But this is the situation now, and every team has to deal with it in the same way. We need to get the most out of this now.​​​​​​​

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