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2020. Május 17. 14:12  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: We managed to react well to going behind

The two managers gave their reaction following Sunday's friendly game. 

Joan Carrillo:

“The match was complicated in the sense that we got home late yesterday after the match in Zalaegerszeg. We did not have the usual amount of rest as we used to be before the matches. We didn’t even get off to a good start, we conceded a goal quickly, which of course I wasn’t very happy about, but the team might have needed that setback. We managed to react well to going behind, and we corrected things. Overall we were able to end the game against Budafok with good experience. We managed to score two goals in the second half, and we also created several opportunities. Now we are preparing for the cup match against Mezőkövesd. We will be playing against a good team, which has quality and also strong players, but we need to achieve a result in the first leg so that we can take a big step towards the final. ”

Csizmadia Csaba:

“I am completely satisfied that after such a long time out, the players have delivered a good performance. Everyone gave their all in the one-half that they spent on the pitch. They carried out as much as what we asked them to do. For us, it was a good test, the lads could see what they need to prepare for in the NB I. The boys who came on in the match did well, congratulations to them on that. ”

We also asked the head coach of Budafok if he remembers what happened 14 years ago on May 17th.

Of course! The day of the final lives very deep in me, there were a lot of fans from Fehérvár in Budapest. It was the club's first cup victory, and it was great to be part of the huge experience, it was a wonderful day. ”


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