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2020. Május 17. 13:49  -  David Rechnitzer
Adrian Rus: I do not want to leave and just want to be allowed to concentrate on playing

The defender gave his reaction following the 2-1 friendly win over Budafok. 

Our club generally does not want to deal with transfer news or rumours, as this is part of football. Sometimes the information given by journalists is good, and sometimes there is no basis and it is merely guesswork, but most of the time, these rumours are harmless. However, this time we would make an exception because of our player, Adrián Rus (it is true that our sports director, Zoltán Kovács, once stood by him during the autumn), because our player indicated that he really wants everyone to understand, that he does not want to leave Vidi.

"On Friday, my teammates asked what I had said, as there had been writing about my departure again. I read the news, and although I saw a piece of writing that spoke about me in a correct way, I wish to confirm and would like to be as short and clear as possible: I haven't spoken to a Hungarian or Romanian journalist lately - it's true, neither does the source quote me. - I don’t want to leave, I’m working in training to get in shape and join the team as quickly as possible after my injury. This will of course be the decision of the coaching staff, but I will do my best to be given the chance to play. I am still happy to be at the disposal of the media after a game, but please do not spread untruths about me or create tensions around me that never exist. Please allow me to focus on football” - said the Romanian national team defender

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