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2020. Május 06. 14:30  -  David Rechnitzer
Roland Juhasz: I am pleased that we will be back out on the pitch at the end of May

The Vidi captain shared his thoughts on the resumption of the league season.

- From Monday, with a special health protocol, you started training again at the Sosto. What was it like to be back out there training after almost a month and a half? 

It felt really good to begin training again and be part of it. We also did some ball work with my team mates who were also there. The others have already spoken a lot about the physical work could be done alone. However, the specific football movements, which include plenty of changes in direction can not be replaced. I think I can say in everyone's name that we these kind of training sessions were really missed. Many things have changed and there is plenty of health protocols in place that we need to follow. It is enough if I just mention that we cannot meet up in the dressing room before training. We need to arrive already changed and ready and go straight to the pitch. Then at the end of the session we do not go back into the dressing room. 

- It was also decided that the league season and the Hungarian Cup could continue, albeit behind closed doors only.

Not only at home, but also abroad, a lot of footballers have said that they consider it important to be able to end the season under any circumstances - if necessary, behind closed doors. As we see in the news, this will not be possible in all leagues. We are glad that it seems that we managed to curb the epidemic in time in Hungary and thanks to that we will be able to start playing again from the second half of May. It is certain that playing in a series of matches without supporters will be completely different from what we are used to. At the same time, we are confident that many people will watch the matches on TV, I think the fans are also hungry for football.

- Have you ever thoughts about the idea that you will end your career in a behind closed doors match?

Unfortunately, for a long time there was also a good chance that I was past the last match of my career, because if they would have made a decision that the season could not continue, my match against the Puskás Academy would have been the last one I couldn't play the whole of that game due to injury. Let’s put it this way, now one of my eyes is crying, while the other is laughing. It is crying that it will be bad to play my last match without the fans being there, I can’t say goodbye to them on the pitch. At the same time, if God wants me to, I will have the opportunity to play a final game for the whole of that match

- It is planned that after less than three weeks of training and preparing, you will have to be out there playing again on the pitch. Will that be enough time to get back to one hundred percent?

Like I have said, I think we’re physically okay, since we did the fitness exercises on a daily basis based on individual workout plans. Earlier, I also said that it may take us about three weeks to get to the state we were in when the season was interrupted in March. But since this is a completely new situation, no one can know for sure. I look forward to continuing myself. The one who will be better able to adapt to the circumstances will come out victorious from this situation.​​​​​​​

- You still see a chance to end your career by winning the double, which is to defend the Hungarian Cup this year and win the championship as well?

After such a period, it is not possible to know for sure what condition a team will be in. We are facing an extremely special situation, I think there is a chance that the battle for the championship title will be fierce until the last match. Obviously, I would be very happy if we could do the double, but this current situation is really so unprecedented that it is very difficult to predict anything about the chances. We are sure that we will do our best to achieve the best possible results for the rest of the season.

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