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2020. Április 04. 16:24  -  David Rechnitzer
Happy Birthday - Adam Kovacsik

Vidi's goalkeeper celebrated his 29th birthday on Saturday.

International goalkeeper Adam Kovacsik celebrated his 29th birthday on Saturday. He would have been in goal today had the Vidi-Kisvarda game taken place. However, the current worldwide virus has put paid to this and he is at home like many others. 

- Today is your 29th birthday and originally you would have celebrated this with a match today. How have your days been going by without games?

The truth is that I have never really done anything big to celebrate my birthday. I am not the big party type. I was always excited as a child when my birthday came along on the 4th April. This was especially because of the presents I was given. At the end of the day it is just another day like the others. It feels good that so many have thought about me and I have received many good wishes over the phone. However, this is about it! I checked this date many months ago to see if we would have a game on the 4th April and I was delighted when I saw we would. I was preparing for it to be a game that we would win and celebrate. However, sadly this will not be happening. I am sad because of this but generally the day has gone well and I am with the most important people, who are my wife and my son. 


- The league was suspended around three weeks ago. The players have been given an individual training program to try and keep in form. How much harder is this for a keeper as you have a special position within football?

You see this well as it is harder for a keeper. I received a different program from the coaching staff than the other outfield players. The most important is to keep fit and in form so I have been doing plenty of skipping. I have been doing the program but the most important is that the ball is missing. This means that those vital features like saving shots are missing. It is hard to stay 100% condition but I am doing all I can. I am missing the competition, the ball and my team mates. What we were doing over a month ago was our normal life but that has stopped. 

- What have you been doing during this special situation?

You cannot have too many different days. Since everything came to a stop, we have been staying at our home in Nagymaros. It is that much easier that we can step outside into the garden and enjoy the fresh air. I tend to play with my son in the morning's while my wife prepares the lunch and also does the housework. I do my training program in the afternoon and generally this is an everyday routine for us now. The days are very monotone but I cannot complain as things are not tough like they are for many. I just try to make the most of things in the current situation. I try to find the good in bad things and like they say, and as I have already said, spend each day with the most important people. I hope we can soon return to normal and I want to say that everyone should look after themselves. 


Isten éltessen, Ádám!

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