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2020. Április 02. 08:02  -  David Rechnitzer
Attila Fiola: It is much harder to train alone than in a group

We spoke to the Vidi defender about the current situation.

- The Hungarian FA suspended the domestic NB I league two and a half weeks ago. The players have been at home since then training. How have your days been going?

About three weeks ago I had a minor medical intervention, because there was inflammation in my body and it turned out that I had a focal point in my teeth. I couldn't really move too much for a few days at the time the league was suspended. I appears that the intervention worked well and I am able to carry out the daily training program. There is not too much change in my daily routine. I am at home all day and spend all of my time with my partner and son. My boy is called Dominik and he will be two in the summer. He can feel that I am at home all day and he is not used to this. He is too young naturally to understand what is going on around the world currently. We are playing a lot in the garden and go out a little on the bike in the evening when the streets are quiet. He really loves doing that.

- There would have been important international games in these days. Perhaps if things had been different you would be celebrating another EC qualification?

I can honestly say that I haven't really thought about this. I have thought about being back to 100% fitness and to remain like that. It is really hard for me to train alone as I am a real team member. I love going into training and meet up with my team mates and coaching staff each day. I do not have the chance to do this at the moment. I will give you an example: I love to run and used to go out running with my team mates in training. I have not had to do this ever alone. I am now forced to do this and it will be harder to go through the km's as it would during pre-season when we really do run a lot in training. 

- How much have you been following the daily news about the virus?

I read the news each day and I am clear with the situation. However, I have not been looking at the news on an hourly basis. Unfortunately, this is now an integral part of people's daily lives. However, as much as I can, I try to isolate myself and really spend all my time with family.

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