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2020. Március 30. 07:19  -  David Rechnitzer
Club legend Peter Disztl - Happy 60th Birthday

The former keeper celebrates his 60th birthday and we sat down to talk with him.

Peter Disztl is perhaps the most famous goalkeeper to have worn the Vidi shirt. He also represented Hungary many times. His 60th brithday was the great opportunity to catch up with him and ask how he normally celebrates his birthday?

Generally it is average and you could say quietly. I spend my birthday with family members. I am sure that there were much bigger parties in the past, and I will never forget my 50th birthday for example. My daughter Gabi and my mother made a surprise party at the Sosto Stadium, which is close to my heart. 

- You have mentioned several times that you prepare a large fish soup for your birthdays. What is the secret to a good fish soup?

We come from Baja and fish and water is virtually in our blood since childhood. My father used to make fish soup and it really was most of the time. We used to have two fish that my father used to cook in the soup. 

- Perhaps not everyone knows that you have two tattoos on your back and one of them is "have a nice day". That would confirm that Bon Jovi are one of your favourites.

I fell in love with Bon Jovi from the first time that I heard them. I used to enjoy Pink Floyd during school and anyone who knew me would know that that period lasted until I first heard a Bon Jovi song. I have seen them twice in Vienna since then and it was a fantastic experience. 

- One final question about your footballing career. Do you have any lack of feeling inside you?

All of my memories are really good. My playing career thinking back was a great curve. I was already in goal for Baja at a very young age before moving to Szekesfehervar. We ended up quickly winning the youth league and also lifted the school cup. I continued to move forward and that was first playing in the second team of Vidi. Next up was the NB I side. We had finished fourth for a few seasons before finally ending in third place. That meant the chance of playing in Europe. I am thinking that the 84/85 UEFA Cup run was not only a great feeling for us but also the supporters. Whether they were in the stadium or watching on TV. It is hard to talk about this without feeling emotional. This was the peak of my career. I then moved to Honved and signed for them together with my brother Laszlo. We won the domestic league twice and also the Hungarian Cup. This was the one and only reason why I moved to the capital as I really wanted to win the league. I am proud to have achieved the things we did at Vidi and Honved with my brother. I then moved to Germany and played for Erfurt. We achieved good results and also played for them in the UEFA Cup. Thomas Linke played together with me and we ended up becoming good friends. I won another league title out in Malaysia. I played together with Zsolt Bucs. Looking back overall, I can say that I was very satisfied with my career. At the same time I have to be honest and say that there is a massive feeling of "what could have been". Following our run to the UEFA Cup final in the summer of 1985, all the team members received offers of playing abroad. However, with the exception of one player, nobody was allowed to move abroad. The rules stated at the time that anyone under 30 could not leave to play in another country. I was still young and 25 years old. Lajos Majer was 29 and even Jozsef Szabo could not move. It is no secret that Emil Ostreicher at Real Madrid wanted to sign me. In the summer of 1988 when I was playing for Honved, Sporting Lisbon were interested in me. However, our manager Bertalan Bicskei refused to let me leave and told me "no regrets Peter, but we really need you." The experience of playing abroad are missing and the fact that I could not enjoy the offers that were made for me. I cannot turn back time and those feelings are no longer inside me. I have a wonderful grandchild and two amazing daughters, Viki and Gabi. I also have a great woman next to me called Ircsi and her two children are also with us. So we all live in a happy big family and that is the most important thing for me. 

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