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2020. Március 27. 18:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Happy Birthday Istvan Kovacs

We spoke to the Vidi midfielder by phone as he celebrates his 28th birthday.

- Did you have a nice 28th birthday despite the worldwide virus epidemic?

Yes, but the current situation is quite interesting. I had always celebrated my birthday with family or away on international duty with the youth teams and even senior squad. This is because the end of March always has an international break.

If I would have received a call-up to the national team, and we would not have had this terrible virus, I would have been celebrating my birthday with the squad and the coaching staff. That would also have meant us being successful against Bulgaria and getting over the first hurdle. I am also sad that I cannot meet up with my parents due to the Coronavirus. My day started nicely as my wife and daughter surprised me with a birthday cake.

- It is now almost two weeks since the season was suspended. There is no training or games. How have the days been passing by?

The most important is to be up to date with the news and to carry out the instructions that we get. The truth is that our lives have so far not really changed too dramatically. I have also received a personal training program just like all the other players. I do these on a daily basis and spend the rest of my time with my wife and kids. I try to help out as much as I can with the cleaning and raising the kids during this period of having to stay indoors. This does not cause too much difficulty for me and we are basically inside our flat all day long. Perhaps getting up in the morning is the hardest as we used to get up early to go to training. I never had a problem with getting up at an early hour. Now it is the kids that wake me up each day. It really is an interesting period at the moment. I think that anyone who has children will know that each day is not that boring at all. 

Happy Birthday, Kokó!

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