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2020. Március 25. 11:54  -  David Rechnitzer
Lyes Houri: It is a very strange period and I am really missing football

We spoke to the French midfielder by phone about the current situation.

- The Hungarian FA suspended the domestic league over a week ago. How have you spent the last few days?

The current situation is very strange. I am really missing football and I have been chatting with Loic the most out of all my team mates. We always discuss how strange things are and that there is no football in March. Our lives, just like with everyone else around the world has changed. Those things that were normal like training and playing football, or going for a long walk in the park or even having dinner in a restaurant have all gone. We have been watching the news on TV and I have been reading all the fresh news several times a day on the internet. I believe that the majority of people have been doing the same. I am here with my wife in Szekesfehervar. Fortunately everything is fine with us. We have received a training plan from the club and I have been doing it each day. I have also been reading, watching films and also using the PlayStation. 

- The situation back home in France is very serious. How are your friends and family coping? 

Yes, the problem in France is very big. They have been very strict with everything there. People cannot really leave their homes. There are many sick people and also several have sadly passed away. This really does make us feel really sad. Fortunately my family are OK and all of my friends remain healthy. We remain in contact with them on a daily basis. I am naturally worried about them but the same applies the other way. We are doing everything that we have been told by those who work in the health department. We are also praying that this danger will go away as soon as possible. 

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