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2020. Március 20. 12:57  -  David Rechnitzer
Nemanja Nikolic: The club have reacted quickly and professionally to the situation

We spoke to the Vidi forward about the current serious events.

- How have you been coping with the current situation as a professional footballer and father of three?

We have to try and understand the present seriousness of everything. The most important is that we protect those we love and especially our parents and grandparents. The aim is the same for everyone. That is to try and be over this difficult situation as soon as possible. We are at home with my family, wife and children. I have to stress the importance that this period is not an extra holiday. The children and I all have tasks and we are doing these each day. The club have reacted quickly and professionally to the events. We have all received a training program. They are also helping us with our diets for example. We need to change the way we eat as we are not training in the same way. 

- It is very hard to try and predict when the season will begin again. I am sure you have spoken about this?

I feel that in the current situation, sport has to take a back seat with everything. At the same time we are all preparing so that whenever the league starts again, we will be ready. The coaching staff have put together am individual training program. We will need a few days before being able to restart. This is because we are unable to do any ball work currently. The most important is that we all look after each other and that we stay at home with our families.


Nikolic Nemanja (@niko_nemanja) által megosztott bejegyzés,

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