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2020. Március 18. 19:01  -  David Rechnitzer
Roland Juhasz: We are a close and tight family at Vidi and we have a duty to look after others

The Vidi captain spoke about the current situation.

- The Hungarian FA made a decision at the start of the week to suspend the OTP league due to the well known current situation. Training has also stopped as a result. How are you coping with the situation?

Just like with other people, I am also very interested and concerned about this worldwide virus. I think that things never happen by accident. Perhaps this has to happen now for whatever reason. This means a totally new way for all of us to battle and get used to a different kind of life. It is vital that everyone should stay at home. We are also not going out anywhere. This rule is very important and we must keep to it. The club has done everything to make sure we all remain in shape. If we get the message to continue the season, we will be ready for those matches. Today's technology allows us to keep in contact with each other constantly. We can remain in contact with our coaches and team mates. I am trying hard to help everyone as much as I can as the team captain. The same applies to everyone else as our squad includes young players and also those from other countries. They are currently away from their family. A situation like this shows just how close and tight a family we have here at Vidi. 

- What else have you been doing each day besides training? 

I am training at home and discovering new things for myself. I love gardening. I have never done as much gardening in my life as I have over the last couple of days. Perhaps I will be digging up trees 27 times in the days to come and then put them back again. This is what is happening now (laughter). We need to find ourselves and remain positive in this case. Only positive thinking will allow people to move forward in these situations. My daughter and my partners son are here at home with us and we are learning. As I can see, the school has been doing all it can to make sure teaching can continue as best as possible. Just like for us, this is not an extra holiday for the children either. Thankfully they have a good attitude and are enjoying the task.

- The plan was that this would be your final season. However, you did not plan for it to end this way.

Honestly, I have not yet thought about the 45 minutes against Puskas Academy FC being the final one of my professional career. I would love to be able to say goodbye properly if the situation allows shortly. This also would mean that the league would continue before my contract expires. It would also mean things around the world returning to normal. I would like to stress that the current situation means that it is not important how I finish my career but that we will all recover and get over this difficult period.

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