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2020. Március 17. 14:00  -  David Rechnitzer
Joan Carrillo: The most important thing is the health of everyone

The Vidi manager spoke of the current situation but stressed the importance of health and that his players must remain prepared.

"At the moment Saturday's league game with DVTK seems to be the final time that the MOL Fehervar FC players and coaching staff could be together. The Hungarian FA have suspended the league season due to the Coronavirus. Our club announced shortly after that no training would take place for any of our teams. We spoke to manager Joan Carrillo:

"The most important is the health of people, the players, the staff and the whole of society. We are in a state of emergency and the coaching staff have done their best to prepare. It is not easy to think ahead without knowing how long this will last and not be able to train. However, this is not the most important as I have already mentioned. The footballers are professional and need to behave in this way during this difficult situation. We need to be prepared for such a time that the season can continue. We will all need to be ready and prepared for this. The players will get all the information that they need from the club. They can carry out their individual training program. The main thing is to remain healthy and begin training together in a good condition when time allows. Diet is also important in a time like this. We need to avoid gaining weight and extra kg. They know that this is not an extra holiday. We need everyone to remain disciplined as it could very well happen that we will not be allowed to leave our homes. We have also prepared for this. As to whether we can prepare tactically? Look, naturally you can send out videos and playing situations and explanations and fixing mistakes but this would not replace actual ball training. Now we must focus on other things and to keep the fitness up of the players."

Both Joan Carrillo and Xavier Coll (assistant coach) are heavily influenced by the serious situation in Spain. We also asked the manager about how he is coping with the situation.

"Xavi's situation is more important currently for us. His wife is pregnant and will give birth in the days to come. He will return home to his family in this special situation with the help of the club. My family live in an area that is on lock down. They cannot leave their homes. They are OK and we speak daily five or six times. The situation is not easy for me either. However, they understand that my work means I have to be here now and I will remain in Hungary. I do not know if this will remain for weeks or months. I know that just as soon as I can, I will meet with them. I am waiting day-to-day for what will develop and when we can start our season again. Then things will be OK."

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